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In February 2016 HMS had to be moved due to the start of the construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a major sewer infrastructure project funded by the Government and Thames Water.

The Ship has since been donated into a charity (HMS President Preservation Trust), whose purpose is to secure HMS’s future for the benefit of the nation with a renovated hull and a new mooring in Central London whilst create an innovative exhibition space where people can be immersed into the history and experience life aboard the ship.

The President is currently moored in Chatham Docks in Kent where essential repairs to the Hull are underway to be followed by the restoration of the original gun and other key original features.
A new mooring in Central London has been identified and we are now seeking the relevant permissions from the various parties.

Required funding
Due to the complex and historic nature of this project we need to secure funding in order to pay for the third party professional fees that allow us to implement necessary structural repairs, interior service and accessibility upgrades whilst constructing an accessible mooring.
HMS President is approaching her centenary and recent surveys have shown she urgently requires a period in dry-dock for the hull to have a detailed survey, assessment and repairs undertaken. This will need to be accelerated to permit the ship’s representation in the commemorating of 100 years since the First World War events which coincides with the ship’s own centenary.