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Six Reasons to stay in London instead of going abroad.

The depths of our pockets are getting more and more shallow, especially for those of you living in London, so why not take the elements of your holiday and just apply them to London. Ask yourself why London is the most visited place on Earth right now, and you’ll see why it’s just as much fun, and a lot cheaper, to do everything you’d normally do on a holiday. Why not use your own place as the dumping ground for your swimming costumes and phone chargers while you go and take a swim in the serpentine or go rollerblading around Hyde Park.

The sun is superb, the trees are thriving, everyone is drifting all over the place in shorts and flip-flops, and you don’t even need to leave the country or even your home to enjoy yourself.

There’s a swarm of novel ideas to enjoy the good weather and the great British outdoors in London, so here’s some of most fun things to do in London to give you some ideas.

Eat Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

You can’t have a British summer without an ice cream. But we’re not talking about your typical 99 in a soon to be mushy cone, on Primrose Hill you can get a culinary ice cream like no other, made in front of your very eyes using vapours of liquid nitrogen, and what better location to spoil yourself than the scenic heights of Primrose Hill?

A lovely BBQ in the London Fields in Hackney.

Who doesn’t savour a good Barbeque? And what superior way to round off the day than with a group of chums enjoying a chunk of BBQ meat in the park. You can also enjoy a swim in the nearby local if it gets a bit hot.

Step aside Los Angeles, Hyde Park seem to be the new place to be seen on your rollerblades, but if you seem like a bit of a donkey on wheels than an LA babe in a bikini then don’t worry, London Skaters offer options in the park to get you in-line skating in no time at all.

Pedalos in Victoria Park

Release your inner kid and pedal yourself around the hired pedalos around the boating lakes in Victoria Park. They are open throughout the summer for hire, just try not to get stuck in the foliage.

Sunning yourself and having a drink on the HMS President in the evening

Come on board after you’re busy day and come for a sundowner on the famous decks of the HMS President, and soak up London’s vistas from our Boat’s Captain’s Quarters bar Monday to Friday from 12pm-late.

Cocktails, a range of draught beer, wine and champagne as well as a selection of bar food is available aboard the boat too so you’ll have everything you need to finish off the day in comfort and style.



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