Ultimate Boat Party in London

Have you got a celebration coming up and have a plan to invite a lot of guests? Maybe you a torn between wanting a space you can personalise but not wanting to hold the party at your own home? Finding party venues in London can be difficult, especially if you want the venue to be used by your group exclusively. If you turn your attention to the Thames itself, you will find a whole new range of options being opened up to you.

Boat parties in London are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a space which can be transformed into a theme of your choice! You can also ensure that if your guests get a bit tipsy they also won’t be wondering off into the centre of London, always a bonus!

The HMS President 1918 is a blank canvas for you to transform into whatever your mind can dream up! Our events team will help you transform our event spaces into any theme you desire, all you are limited by is your own imagination. Our team will bring your theme to life and carry it through to the cuisine, décor, drinks and entertainment if you wish, or will work alongside you to help make sure your own plans are translated into our venue!

In the past at the HMS President we have held the following boat party themes:

James Bond 007
Circus Party
Masked Ball
Carnival Rio
Beach Party
Rock n Roll
World Cup
Ibiza Beach
Around the World
Red Carpet
Moulin Rouge
Heaven & Hell
Roman/ Greek/ Toga
Alice in Wonderland
1920’s Prohibition
Gangsters & Molls
Viva Las Vegas

In our years of experience holding various boat parties in London we have made various contacts with different entertainers both within and around London. These people have worked with us before and therefore we know how exactly to set up on-board to make things runs as seamlessly as possible.

Speed boats
Up to 12 guests at a time can get the ride of their lives as they travel through the centre of London at 40knots. Safety briefing, all-weather jackets and life buoyancy jackets will be provided.

Ice sculptures
Why not make you focal point a huge ice sculpture? Impress your guests with table centres made from ice, vodka luges with your logo on, or an ice cream bar.

Oyster boys
The Oyster Lads, Colin and Robin, have been in business since 2005 where they farm on the shores of Loch Creran before bringing the freshest Scottish Oysters throughout UK and Europe. By cutting out the middle man, the Oyster Lads bring the freshest produce straight from sea to mouth, bringing the customer closer to the farmer.

Comedy Waiter
Comedy Waiter, Mark Howard provides a complete night of hilarious & unique entertainment. Becoming part of your team of waiters on the night, slowly your guests will start to realise something is not quite right.  As the evening progresses, guests suddenly realise that Mark is more than just a simple waiter. His talents as an entertainer shine through when he starts to amuse guests with his witty comedy sketches, as well as, getting guest participation in some of his dance routines.

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