London Venue Hire

One of the benefits of choosing to hire a venue in London is that you can take advantage of this historic city. Most of London’s historic buildings and landmarks have been adapted in order for it to be suitable for corporate or event hire.

The HMS President is a perfect example of this modern adaption to bring history into a modern setting. The HMS President (1918), formerly HMS Saxifrage, is a Flower-class anti-submarine Q-Ship completed in 1918, and is one of the last three surviving warships of the Royal Navy built during the First World War, (along with the 1914 Light cruiserHMS Caroline in Belfast, and the 1915 Monitor HMS M33 in Portsmouth dockyard). President represents the first type of warship built specifically for anti-submarine warfare; her successors evolved into the modern Frigate, which is the most numerous type of front-line fighting ship in today’s Royal Navy.

Now the HMS President is available as a form of London venue hire, using the historic appearance of the ship to enhance the space. The Ballroom, Open Air Deck, Gunroom, President Suite and Officer’s Mess have all been transformed into spaces where you can hold your own event or into a boardroom or office. The old warship now has various bars and lounges where you can relax in this central London location after a hard day’s work or, if you choose to set up your business on board, you can work whilst floating on the Thames.

Alternately, The HMS President offers specific Christmas and New Years Events on board, giving you the opportunity to welcome in the New Year in the lap of historic decadence.  Or maybe you want to have a London Wedding with the scenic benefit of taking in the landmarks that dot the Thames, watching the sunset from the deck before going to the beautifully decorated Ballroom.

If you want to hire a unique venue in London contact us today.

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